Re.: Henwood on globalization

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Nov 14 11:55:12 MST 2003

Chris Brady wrote:
> Lou points to the quote “under capitalism, the only thing worse than
> being exploited is not being exploited at all."  I think the predicate
> is the defining phrase: i.e., under capitalism, how could it be
> otherwise?  One must be exploited, or worse, one must be abandoned and
> cut out of any of the material benefits of life on this planet, or
> worst, eliminated.

I am not sure that this is correct in any case. I was of course 
referring to Cuba, a possibility that is ruled out in autonomist 
discourse. But isn't Kerala capitalist as well? Despite an obvious lack 
of "capital flows", maquilas and other accoutrements of "globalization", 
it is doing reasonably well. I would have to see the context in which 
Joan Robinson made this remark, but in Henwood's usage, it is obviously 
a call for more maquilas.


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