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> Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 19:15:20 -0800 (PST)
> From: ar168 at
> Subject: Marxism list and google
> This may be a reflection of the chilly times we're
> living in here in North America but I've recently been
> subjected to red baiting after someone "googled" me and
> found posts I'd made to the Marxism list under my name
> (I stopped using that account some time ago for
> unrelated reasons). "Googling", that is putting the
> name of a prospective employee or of someone you want
> to find out more about into a search engine has become
> more common as the technology develops. I'm wondering
> if lists such as the Marxism list should consider
> making their archives inaccessable to Google and other
> search engines in order to make this sort of practice
> more difficult and make participants in this list less
> exposed to attack? Of course, I guess anyone really
> concerned should be posting under a pseudonym but given
> that these concerns have heightened since 9-11 and that
> the ability of search engines such as "google" to
> catalogue email lists is relatively recent perhaps we
> should give this some consideration.
> Thanks,
> Andy

Uhhhhhuhhhh; and believe you me, it's not principled at all
(there are no "secret handshakes" you can learn to tell who
is cool and who is not) But the hard truth is that public
accessibility is really better, since SMTP (and the other
widespread Internet protocols) are very insecure; if someone
wants to get access to what you're doing on the Internet, they
can (and if you're sending PGP-encrypted emails abroad that'll
just raise more questions than you really want, at least in the US).
You've just got to be out in front, and if the shit persists for
a while (as it sure can) just know that it's "Mary" who has to
behave; in the end, it can actually be an effective political
action to defend your red red life on a level other than the

Jeff Rubard

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