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Fri Nov 14 15:34:50 MST 2003

"You see  socialists as possibly being able to turn
the Green 
Party into an anti-capitalist formation!     WRONG.


I don't think this is the argument.  This is certainly not our 
argument in the ISO.  Instead, we think that by working with the 
Greens around certain elections, we can 1) help bring the left 
forward, and to some extent shift the terms and issues of debate in 
society, 2) help break the left from the Democrats, and 3) win a 
layer of people active in these campaigns to being 
revolutionaries.  Whether we should support Green candidates and 
which candidates we should support is certainly something that we 
debate a great deal in our organization.  I am guessing that this 
is pretty similar to the attitude that Solidarity takes towards the 

Jonah, ISO-Columbia University

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