Correction - Rosa Luxemburg piece

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Sat Nov 15 08:35:26 MST 2003

I wrote:

If the monetary system were to break down
radically, as has happened at various intervals in history, then simple
reproduction can still occur through barter and countertrade, all that
really happens, is that new terms of exchange are established, and some
people are relieved of their property while others, possessing products in
high demand, appropriate more property; but there will still be an equal
relationship between propertied and propertyless people.

That should of course be, an "unequal relationship".

I also wrote:

Rather, the equilibrium problem refers to the conditions for the simple and
reproduction of the total capital of society, and it is through this, that
the mystery of how a society based on a universal market is resolved.

That should be: the mystery of how a society based on a universal market can
exist is resolved.

I am thinking now I need a proofreader...


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