A note on Rosa Luxemburg and the theory of equilibrium

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Sat Nov 15 10:18:31 MST 2003

You may want to clarify this: Social revolution "when the owning classes
don't want to be ruled in the old way"? In every real-life social
revolution I can think of, the owning classes fought like hell to preserve
"the old way." I don't believe the idea of being relieved of their
properties and privileges exactly appealed to them. And I don't really
think Rosa Luxemburg would have bought this "consequence" of her analysis.

>forces", it follows that the first condition for a social revolution can
>only apply when the owning classes no longer want to be ruled in the old
>way, and the working classes no longer want to be ruled in the old way
>either. Then commences an era of social revolution, which focuses on the

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