Role of the Soviet Union in Welfare Statism in the West

David McDonald dbmcdonald at
Sat Nov 15 10:37:43 MST 2003


Because it turns out that the market is merely a mediator in a human world
which contains gigantically more than a narrow concern with financial
objectives, that a commercial obsession abstracts from that, and that it may
in fact dehumanise people more than humanising them.

David McDonald:

Exactly. The market "brings together" but in an extremely narrow and
one-sided way. What I noticed when I joined the petty bourgeoisie is that it
is never enough to have a good idea about something that would benefit all
humanity (for instance); it is always necessary at the same time, regardless
of the coolness or righteousness of your idea, that you be able to
demonstrate how everyone involved can make money at each step along the way.
It is intensely annoying and the money part is a waste of time. But it is
capital formation. You can coax money out of bank accounts and use it to put
labor in motion doing something that had not been done before or not done in
the cunning way you have imagined only if there is a fortune in it for the
people who are fronting you the money.

How this is an improvement over going to the elders and counselors with
one's proposal and making one's case is beyond me (leaving aside the
question of how we get to the point of rational elders and counselors).

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