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But my objection to the use of a method historically practiced to keep
a big boot on the neck of the poor is "compromised," because I don't appear
sympathetic to dwindling stocks of cod fish?  I fucking dare you to reproduce
the "exchange" between Charles and myself in front of any women's group
inside or outside a leftist framework.<

Personal note made public.

Why does this question of privilege and bribery keeps coming up outside the
reality of the race to the bottom and millions of people being pushed into
poverty at a frightening and increasing pace?

This overproduction crisis is absolute and not in the relative sense of
rising and falling as a curve. Overproduction crisis is absolute in the absolute
sense and the earthquakes are being felt in China.

On this question of Malthus and Marx, some comrade are forgetting their
communist vision. Marx said the end of class society was going to be the beginning
of human history. Up to this point we have basically behaved like animals,
reacting to scarcity trying to get food, clothes and shelter. If our present day
society can meet these socially necessary needs - and it can, then this
question of carrying capacity of earth and the finite nature of everything on earth
is not really a question of scarcity, but rather a question of the control of

It is this control of scarcity on the part of the bourgeoisie that is the
problem because society today can provide and meet the socially necessary living
needs of everyone on earth.  The control of scarcity is really the historical
basis for the strife in society we call the class struggle. If we eliminate
this strife - control of scarcity by the bourgeoisie, what appeared as a
shortage and movement threatening "the carrying capacity of the earth," is revealed
to really be a world of abundance and too many bourgeoisie.

Here is my beef with the environmentalist. The destruction of the environment
is a product of society moving in class antagonism and not man as an abstract
dummy. The communist revolution - not socialism or the transition phase,
bring to an end, the movement of society in class antagonism.

If we blow ourselves up on earth and turn it into a nuclear nightmare it is
not because of abstract man being a dummy but the direct result of class
antagonism - the bourgeoisie.

I do not object to the concept of the carrying capacity of the earth because
the fact of the matter is that, there are far too many bourgeoisie on the

Fuck sterilizing the workers - sterilize the bourgeoisie and the carrying
capacity of the earth is immediately expanded. :-)

I think I am going to work this into an article.

Melvin P.

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