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Jonah, Solidarity has a little more to say in support of the Greens than
what your brief from the ISO says.    Solidarity has actually proposed
trying to unite the Left around a Green Party presidential candidate in
2004.    Their argument is summed up in the passage below from their
theoretical magazine, Against the Current.

I think that this passage shows that Solidarity is fully prepared to engage
in entryism into the Greens similar to how marxist-leninst currents did for
years with the British Labor Party, as just one notable example.     But are
the Greens in the US (or elsewhere) a party representing Labor?

There was a time when all this group now thinking of doing electoral
campaigning for the Green Party would most likely have sneered at such a
labelling of this electorialist mishmash.     But now, out of desperation,
times have changed, evidently???    The Green Party is being pushed by
Solidarity as being the last great hope for the US Left!

Why?      Because they surreally think that the Democratic Party can be
wounded by pushing to BUILD the Green Party instead.


from 'Against the Current'
"For our part, we found the most encouraging electoral result in November to
be the more than five percent vote in California for the Green Party
campaign of Peter Camejo and Donna Warren.  More than achieving a
respectable vote total, this campaign developed important contacts with
diverse constituencies from the Mexican, Pakistani and other communities
heavily impacted by the anti-immigrant climate yet usually off the political
radar screen.

This result is only a beginning, but it suggests a way forward toward an
authentic new and independent politics.  It is also noteworthy that a number
of voices in the African American movement, of which Donna Warren is one,
are advocating that the Black community turn toward the Green Party and
claim it as their own.

By contrast, a truly pathetic post-electoral expression of progressive
cut-and-run panic was the argument presented by Ronnie Dugger, urging Ralph
Nader and the Greens to forswear in advance a presidential campaign in 2004:

"(T)he Bush disaster, compounded now by the meltdown of the Democratic Party
on November 5, is an emergency.  We cannot afford another division in our
ranks that will bring about the election of George W. Bush in 2004."  (The
Nation, December 2, 2002)

Dugger proposes instead "an undertaking by the liberals, progressives and
populists of the country .  .  .  to converge behind the nomination of a
progressive Democratic candidate for President."

Right.  We'd like to offer our own suggestion for a unified progressive
candidacy in 2004.  Clearly, the logical vehicle for such a candidacy at
this political juncture is the Green Party (whether this means another Nader
campaign or a new candidate).

In any case, it is reasonable to propose that the Democratic Party, inasmuch
as it stands for nothing, run no presidential candidate so as not to divide
the progressive Green vote.  This makes more sense, and has a slightly
better practical possibility of being implemented, than Dugger's proposal.

In the meantime, with a hideous war perhaps only weeks away and the
potential for an economic meltdown ever present, the urgent task of the
moment is building our social movements from the ground up."

"You see  socialists as possibly being able to turn
the Green
Party into an anti-capitalist formation!     WRONG.

I don't think this is the argument.  This is certainly not our
argument in the ISO.  Instead, we think that by working with the
Greens around certain elections, we can 1) help bring the left
forward, and to some extent shift the terms and issues of debate in
society, 2) help break the left from the Democrats, and 3) win a
layer of people active in these campaigns to being
revolutionaries.  Whether we should support Green candidates and
which candidates we should support is certainly something that we
debate a great deal in our organization.  I am guessing that this
is pretty similar to the attitude that Solidarity takes towards the

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