Solidarity Pushes The Green Party- was RE: Doonesbury

Mark Lause MLause at
Sat Nov 15 12:46:12 MST 2003

The subject line is a wonderful bit of sectarian fiction.  The contents
of the email make it quite clear that it is not pushing the Greens but
pushing the Greens somewhere: providing an electoral point of unity for
the Left.  For those oriented towards the ballot box, this is a vital
matter in terms of resisting the "anyone-but-Bush" drive.

Nor does it amount to entryism, to using the Greens for recruitment, to
planning a takeover of the Greens, etc., etc., ad bullshitibus....

There is NO SINGLE REVOLUTIONARY CURRENT TODAY.  What then do we do in
that real world we did make, but, in which, we must live and operate.


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