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Sat Nov 15 13:05:28 MST 2003

Hola Camaradas:

On 15 Nov 2003 at 13:37, Tony Abdo wrote:
> [...] But now, out
> of desperation,
> times have changed, evidently???    The Green Party is being
> pushed by
> Solidarity as being the last great hope for the US Left!

Well, in all fairness to Solidarity, to which I belong, there is in reality three strands of
thought on 2004:

a) Push for a Green 2004 prez candidacy.

b) Abstain from any prez candidacy, but go for a locally based electoral campaigns with
the Greens. Some argue that this will prevent the Left from being put on the fringes as
the electorate votes in mass for Any-Democrat-But-Bush.

c) Organize an Independent Left presidential candidate.

por el socialismo,
Erik Toren
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