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Sat Nov 15 13:43:34 MST 2003

I think that this whole passage is pretty much on point, and 
nothing here suggests entryism or anything of the like to me.  With 
so much of the left on the "anybody but Bush" bandwagon, the left 
would be tremendously stronger if the Greens did run a real 
campaign in 2004...


> Jonah, Solidarity has a little more to say in support of the
> Greens than 
> what your brief from the ISO says.    Solidarity has actually
> proposed 
> trying to unite the Left around a Green Party presidential
> candidate in 
> 2004.    Their argument is summed up in the passage below from
> their 
> theoretical magazine, Against the Current.
> I think that this passage shows that Solidarity is fully prepared
> to engage 
> in entryism into the Greens similar to how marxist-leninst
> currents did for 
> years with the British Labor Party, as just one notable example. 
>    But are 
> the Greens in the US (or elsewhere) a party representing Labor?
> There was a time when all this group now thinking of doing
> electoral 
> campaigning for the Green Party would most likely have sneered at
> such a 
> labelling of this electorialist mishmash.     But now, out of
> desperation, 
> times have changed, evidently???    The Green Party is being
> pushed by 
> Solidarity as being the last great hope for the US Left!
> Why?      Because they surreally think that the Democratic Party
> can be 
> wounded by pushing to BUILD the Green Party instead.
> Tony

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