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Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Sat Nov 15 15:39:53 MST 2003

Louis wrote:

>Eli Stephens:
>>Not a scientific poll, obviously, but telling, given the audience. He took
>>the position that Nader would destroy himself, and the future of the Green
>>Party (nationally, in any case), if he runs in 2004. It's hard to disagree
>>with that prediction.

>It is totally amazing how rightwing this country is. Here is this
>well-known "radical" comic strip artist warning people against opposing the
>twin parties of war and racism, as we used to put it back in the 1960s.

I'm confused by your point. I DID say that Tomorrow "eventually stat[ed] his
"anybody but Bush" position), but since that wasn't the part of my post you
quoted I assume you think it is condemnible merely to predict the
consequences of Nader running; if so, that sounds rather unscientific to me.
The point I was trying to illustrate was that here, in the most radical
large city in the United States, at an event where a much higher percentage
of the audience had voted Green in 2000 than the population as a whole, even
there support for the "anybody but Bush" position was nearly universal.
That's an observation we'd better be prepared to understand and deal with,
not just bang our heads in the wall and throw rocks about.

As far as Tom Tomorrow, he is probably the only cartoonist of any
significance around (i.e, in size of published audience) who consistently
has criticized the Democrats as well as the Republicans. He is doing a lot
more work to educate more people about what's wrong with the "twin parties
of war and racism," not to mention educating people about the value of
things like single-payer health care, than most of the people on this list,
whatever position he takes on the 2004 election. So please spare the rocks,
would you? Or save them for a better target.

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