Ryan Hokanson

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 15 17:37:58 MST 2003

>... Yeah, me too, Proyect. Me too.
>Well maybe not mad enough to "spit bullets" or "throw rocks"... but they
>do piss me off. Especially those who, unlike the Greens or Tommy
>Cartoonist, go so far as to actually claim to be socialists. And that
>goes doubly especial for those who claim to be Marxists.

I have received a number of complaints offlist about Ryan. Until now I have
refrained from taking any action since I believe in ideological diversity.
But this kind of baiting obviously directed at other list members he
disagrees with on the Greens is impermissible. He is out of here.

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