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Tony Abdo gojack10 at
Sat Nov 15 20:29:26 MST 2003

Jonah, why do you think that the Left would be tremendously stronger if the
Greens did run a real campaign in 2004, as you put it?    Pardon me, but I
do not see this as self evident.    In fact, I think that the Left would be
marginally stronger if the Greens did not run an electoral campaign in the
style Nader did in 2004.    Little was really accomplished then for the
Left, except demobilization..

What if instead Greens were to concentrate on letting people know that there
was no way a REAL campaign could be run in a rigged 2-Party system setup
like the US has, and were to devote MOST efforts to getting people into the
streets, instead of into the voting booth?   Of course, this cannot be the
position of the Greens, because they represent faith that the system can be
reformed, when in fact it cannot.    And, they represent many liberal types
that believe street demos accomplish nothing, whereas getting 'good people'
into office can be a real saver.

What if groups like Solidarity and the others were to devote their energies
into building anti-war demos instead of building so called 'independent'
electoral campoaigns and pushing the Greens as being an important political
advance?     What if they told the public that that is what socialists
really consider important; antiwar work?    Instead, many US socialists seem
to be waiting with baited breath the election of a Green candidate in San
Franicisco... 'thinking globally , acting locally'... I guess?   But what
the voters would get will probably be less than what the Mexican voters got
when the PRD was put into office in the Distrito Federal.    I just can't be
out there cheering wildly such a thing.

Many on the list opinion that this sort of attitude I have is
'ultraleftism'.      Got to work with the Greens, or you're just wagging for
the Demos....     Sorry.     But I think that working with the Green Party
is wagging for the Demos.      But it seems that some people don't see the
Greens as being the tail end of liberal Democrats?    They see the Greens as
leading to a possible breakup of the Democrats.     What a stretch!

How ultraleft of me for not thinking that the Democratic Party is on the
verge of disappearing because the Green Party is now in town using more
sugar about the greatness of America and such.   I need to be realistically
out there working and voting for the peace lobby branch of the Democratic
Party (The Green Party)instead!    Isn't the Greens really almost nothing
more than a temporary split in the Democratic Party, and not much more?
Get real.

If not misassessing the Greens is being utraleft, then so be it.....
There was once a time when I was told that I did not understand the
importance of being with the working class.    I was too middle class then,
and now I'm too ultraleft now!    Today, once again, I should be out in the
community and now with with the Greens to be part of the American Revolution
in the works.    Be a team player, not a sectarian missing the action.

All this, simply because I think the way forward lies not behind the Greens,
but over and beyond them.    And in spite of them, too.    Nader and the
others want 'responsible capitalism'.    Enough said.    Socailists who want
more than sewer socialism 2004 should not buy into this lobbying game.
Don't be a green donkey.     Conditionally support the good things they
sometimes say and do.    But don't go overboard and see them for more than
they are; just reform Democrats disgruntled again.    Don't get into the
electoral liberal spirit alongside them.     You'll just be  a 'Texas
liberal' and a fool, no matter the state you are in.     And the year 2005
will probably leave these socialists who get drunk on Green Party potential
feeling stupid and with a bad hangover.

I feel little better about socialists pushing a 2004 Nader candidacy than
Michael Moore pushing for a Dean or a General Clark to run.


I think that this whole passage is pretty much on point, and
nothing here suggests entryism or anything of the like to me.  With
so much of the left on the "anybody but Bush" bandwagon, the left
would be tremendously stronger if the Greens did run a real
campaign in 2004...
>Jonah, Solidarity has a little more to say in support of the
>Greens than what your brief from the ISO says.    Solidarity has actually
>proposed trying to unite the Left around a Green Party presidential
>candidate in 2004.    Their argument is summed up in the passage below from
>their theoretical magazine, Against the Current...........

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