British poll result: Stupid Bush a threat to world peace

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Sat Nov 15 21:09:01 MST 2003

More than one in three Britons think George Bush is stupid and a majority
branded the US president a threat to world peace, opinion poll results
showed. The results were published on Sunday. (...) Bush is due to arrive in
London on Tuesday, and start his three-day state visit the next day. It will
be the first state visit by an American president since Ronald Reagan in
1982. (...) Thirty-seven percent of those questioned thought Bush was
"stupid",  while a clear majority of 60% called him a threat to world peace.
(...) Robin Cook, a former foreign secretary who resigned over Blair's
decision to join forces with Bush in Iraq, said: "It has become very much a
one-way street where it is perfectly plain what we have delivered to the
Bush administration." But Blair's finance minister, Gordon Brown, will be
keen to prove it is a two-way street, officials said.
With his American counterpart John Snow beside him, Brown is to announce a
100 billion pound (US$170 billion) plan to create a single market between
Europe and the United States which could help to defuse a transatlantic
trade row over US steel tariffs. Bush is also set to give British companies
the right to bid for lucrative reconstruction contracts in Iraq as a reward
to Blair for his staunch support. (...)

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