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Joanne Gullion joannegullion at
Sat Nov 15 21:25:53 MST 2003

Chris wrote;
>P.S.:  I'll just take this moment to point out that in certain cases the
>above quote from the CM may provides the line of definition for the
>characterization of a Marxist, as opposed to one who uses marxian
>analysis (not that the two need necessarily be in opposition).  I think
>some who have posted to this list in the past were marxian, some even
>marxish, some merely interested in exploring what the list was about,
>what Marxists might discuss, etc.  I am sure there are lurkers who
>wouldn't dare to be tainted by having their names associated with reds,
>having learned a bit from history.  That really was the reflexive effect
>of the "Red Scare" -fully intended: to scare the Reds, as well as anyone
>who could be politically neutralized by the label.

I think Chris is being a bit presumptuous about lurkers on this list.  I
believe the majority of lurkers on this list as well as probably all other
such lists are  merely those who feel a little inadequate as far as the
written word is concerned.  Honestly most of the people who contribute to
this list are so articulate and winning!  Its just so interesting and that's
why I subscribe.  I'm totally addicted to it and find it the most
interesting reading of my day.  I just don't think my stuff is up to snuff
compared to the regular contributors.
But please don't call me a coward!

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