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>Traditionally, oppositional political parties must have a purpose beyond
just vote getting in such hostile terrain to have any hope of staying alive.
    They must base themselves as parties that represent labor unions, or
parties that represent races or nationalities.     Representing Mother Earth
is all nice and good, but it will not be enough to get past the 2 party
obstacle course.    Since the Green Party seems paralized into not becoming
a Labor Party based on unions, it really has not much of a future beyond
being a lobbying tool for some activists to try to push the Democratic Party
into a more liberal imagery.    And internationally, the Greens have never
presented themselves as a party representing Labor.<


As you state earlier the two party system is set up to allow the worse of the
lesser of two evils to win elections, with the entry into the fray of an
oppositional or Labor Party - "third force." There is no way to "get out of this
situation" other than to pass through this phase of political realignment.

A Labor Party in America can not really be successful if it base itself on
trade unions or nationalities. A party of labor should base itself on the crying
needs and demands of those who labor and this mass of humanity is
significantly larger than the trade union movement and cuts acrosss nationality and
gender - although the working class is majority female including its lowest sector.
Actually the most oppressed and exploited sector of the world proletariat -
and this includes America, is clearly female.

For instance health care is a burning issues, as is education, rising
homelessness, increasing hunger and the increasing inability to keep food on the
table based simply on ones wages. These issues can unite the various strata of the
laboring classes.

Sure trade union support is very important because he who is organized has a
more effective and powerful voice than he who is not organized. While striving
for real unity of the fighting section of the working class - based on issues
dear to their hearts, a political grouping must advance a vision - purpose,
capable of rallying the moral decency of our peoples and class.

Such a vision has to begin with the ideas and concepts that it is criminally
wrong for all our life activity to be geared to enriching a handful of
capitalist billionaires. Selling water to thirsty people is not just wrong but
criminal contempt for humanity.

Our vision of what is possible must embody property rights but not as a
theory of development. Our rights - those of the majority, to access to all that is
possible to realize in modern America is a basic human right and this human
right is not abstract but a class relationship.

The vision of our purpose has to be fought for in every arena and if ones
areas of work is the Greens, trade unions, women's movement, nationality
organization, bingo club, the free download movement or Labor Party formation, then so
be it. What with outline or "connect the combatants" in various spheres of
work is a collective vision - not necessarily a collective theory of

Melvin P.

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