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Sun Nov 16 12:31:16 MST 2003

marxism-digest wrote:
> marxism-digest       Sunday, November 16 2003       Volume 01 : Number 6610

> "If you wish to obtain a personal screening copy, you would need to
> contact the filmmaker directly in Ireland - he is also the distributor.
> His name is David Power and his email address is:  powerpix at
> (also - you can ask him about the possibility of / or timing of a video
> release.) ALso try a search on the web for video sales (for instance
> sells a lot of DVD & VHSs)."
> Donna Stainsby

Incidentally, someone should really rip the movie into an AVI file for
Kazaa or similar variants. This film needs to get out, and the producers
have already indicated they do not mind such.


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