Re.: Henwood on globalization

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Nov 16 13:01:16 MST 2003

"a call for more maquilas" ?
If maquiladoras are so great for folks living in the 3rd World,
 or 3rd World conditions:
Why not in East St. Louis?
Or the South Bronx?
Or the Pine Ridge Rez?
Same logic:  great for everybody--capitalists AND the workers.
Eliminate minimum wages standards, annul or ignore health and workplace
regulations, outlaw the closed shop--and I'll just BET those fly-away
jobs that migrated to the 3rd World flock back to the USA like swallows
returning to Capistrano.

>From another perspective, one loaded with poetic irony if not justice,
if the US labor movement had insisted on genuine parity for fellow
workers in other lands since WWII, instead of collaborating with the CIA
in hypocritical ventures such as AIFLD--efforts that compromised genuine
labor militancy, 3rd World venues would not appear as attractive to
factory-shuffling industrialists because the labor cost differential
would not justify moving and set-up costs.

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