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> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 08:22:33 -0500
> From: "Jose G. Perez" <jgperez at>
> Subject: RE: Religion/Luxemburg
> Jeff Pontificates: >>That's not really true (although you can be
> forgiven for thinking it, since it is said a lot with much feeling);
> firstly, the suggestion that European civilization, including its
> radical elements, is founded upon Christian morality is much more
> defensible than most intellectuals today would like you to think.<<
> Nice touch that, adding "than most intellectuals would like you to
> think" to make it seem like you're advocating some really bad-boy
> naughty insight when you're merely peddling the most superficial, vulgar
> Rupert Murdoch prattle  and coverup of the crimes of European
> "civlization" against humanity.

Saying you don't mind at all when someone "witnesses" to you is a pretty
bad-boy thing to say in intolerant US "progressive" circles, yeah; and
they're bred by "vulgar materialist" views of the sort extraordinarily
popular in Australia.  And as for European crimes against humanity, I
believe, but the Aztecs did human sacrifice and the "civilized" US tribes
kept slaves too, y'know?  But this is straightforwardly polemical, so I
don't mind you at all either.

> So go ahead take up the White Man's burden. Just remember what happens
> to when you get to Little Big Horn. I doubt a lot of intellectual
> masturbation about Rosa Luxemburg, third period Stalinism, petty
> bourgeois intellectual preciousness and all the forces and resources of
> the Fifth International will be of much help.

Blow me; I know less about the white man's burden than you do, I'm not into
"standing in the gap" for comrades abusing any kind of privilege.  And it's
not intellectual masturbation at all, my writing is manufactured to be
super-recursively enumerable (ring the changes til' you get enough).

Jeff Rubard

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