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> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 16:07:18 +0100
> From: "Jurriaan Bendien" <bendien at tomaatnet.nl>
> Subject: Feminist reflections by Lydia Sargent on the state of play
> (...) when it comes to popular consciousness, (...) women are now divided
> into three basic categories:
> (1) Hyper-sexed creatures who can kill and maim just like the guys, but it's
> okay because they show "boobs" and crotches while doing it. This makes them
> feminine-ists. Without the boobs flailing and the ass/crotch exposure, they
> would be women trying to be men.
> (2) Hyper-feminine powder puffs, with brains of steel whose liberation comes
> from knowing how to disguise all of this in a joyous affectionate return
> to/spoof of the Marilyn Monroe movies and the 1950s female. This makes them
> feminine, which nails another coffin in the death of the women's movement
> propaganda. Without the powdering and the puffing and the tottering, the
> fact that they had brains would make them women trying to be men.
> (3) CEO career types who "remain" feminine and sexy and, more often than
> not, due the fact that they missed out on their children's ballet concerts
> and piano recitals. If they didn't look sexy, they would be women trying to
> be men, i.e. lesbians.

This is a little too funky, even for me.  Firstly, the first class of gals
scare men *but in a really good way*: it's *revealed* that their activities
are all in good fun, more or less, and it's worth your while to make it
more.  Secondly, I'd bet goddam good money the second class of females,
"caring straight squares", scare the original "ladymen" -- radical lesbians
and other uncompromising working-class feminists (a rather inclusive
category, if you ask me).  In truth, ain't a damn thing funny about Ally
McBealisms; someone's gonna get hurt, and the best man for the job might be
a woman.

Jeff Rubard

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