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Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Tue Nov 18 15:40:02 MST 2003

Jim Craven wrote "that we are supposed to incorporate into all
curricula: Effective Citizenship; Global Multicultural Awareness;
Communication; Information Technology Awareness; Critical Thinking;
Lifelong Learning."

ROFL...the language is VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL at my Academic Factory.  They
must have conferences to hear special consultants for meaningless
bullshit.  HAH!!!

We also have a specially funded "Just Community" to celebrate diversity
in the university community.  This, in part, involves fraternities and
sororities, I think, drawing large posters with fiercesome images of our
football mascot surrounded by multiculturally representative clones.
They then color them with either markers or crayons and the
administration hangs them up in places like the library lobby.  (The
joke is that they do this because there's no room on their
refrigerator.)  The institutional infantilization of these important
issues would be more disturbing if it were not so goofy.

...but we react exactly the same.  They say globalism, and we'll discuss

Still, where do they train their consultants?

Mark L.

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