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Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Tue Nov 18 17:44:08 MST 2003

Jim Craven wrote "that we are supposed to incorporate into all
curricula: Effective Citizenship; Global Multicultural Awareness;
Communication; Information Technology Awareness; Critical Thinking; Lifelong

ROFL...the language is VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL at my Academic Factory.  They
must have conferences to hear special consultants for meaningless bullshit.

Response Jim C: Well they all come from the same basic incestuous gene
pools: Trustees and Regents who are generally appointed political hacks
seeking to network and enhance their meager resumes; administrators who
generally come out of quicky "Ed Leadership" programs designed to instantly
"certify" as both "educators" and "leaders" narcissists and megalomaniacs
who have never been either; deans and division chairs who have failed as
teachers, been marginal teachers and/or are burned out as teachers;
consultants/buzz-word/cliché specialists who plagiarize each others shit and
trade or sub-contract gigs; politicians claiming to be "the education..."
looking for photo ops and some goals or objectives that will sell and look
good in print; teachers and staff appointed to committees on the basis of
their willingness not to threaten anyone in power with substance and who are
willing to toady, whore and do all sorts of Faustian bargains to get
promotions, trips to conferences, release time etc.

But here is the good news--sort of: Since these creatures lack the intellect
and substance to define these "lofty goals and objectives", they are
hard-pressed to prove that we are NOT pursuing those goals and concepts they
cannot define or measure; this leaves an opening for some radical stuff in
the classroom and opportunity to counter and spit their own stuff back in
their faces when they scream about the non-conventional being pursued in the
classroom. I give them their own shit back like I am a true believer and
just innocently carring out the mandates I have been given--the real "team
player" that I am. The geniuses we have on our Board of Trustees, an
incredible sight to witness in their meetings, paid out over $20,000 for
some consultant to come in and give them the "mission, vision and values"
shit they were supposed to be qualified to come up with on their own. I
noted that it should read values, vision and mission--just the reverse--as
values shape an inform vision and vision shapes and informs the mission(s)
and offered to plagiarize some really good shit, that sounded really lofty
and articulate for half the price. No takers unfortunately.


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