Arnold remembers the Soviet Tanks

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Tue Nov 18 18:54:19 MST 2003

Arnold says that "as a boy, saw Soviet tanks rolling through the streets of
Austria". Arnold was born in 1947, and the Soviets withdrew from Austria in
1955, so it's certainly possible. But it seems unlikely that, by the time
Arnold had the slightest memory (let's say 1950), that Soviet tanks were
actively "rolling through the streets" except on the day they withdrew. But
that's just my supposition. Does anyone know the truth? Is it likely that
Soviet tanks were actually "rolling through the streets" of Austria after

Or did Arnold pick up these memories second-hand from his Nazi father
telling him about it when he was a boy? (At least we know, based on the
movies he's done, that his "memories", unlike Reagan's, don't come from
movies he's acted in).

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