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Posted on Tue, Nov. 18, 2003	
U.S. forces wipe out 15 Iraqi houses
By Jeff Wilkinson

TIKRIT, Iraq - In a tactic reminiscent of Israeli crackdowns in the West
Bank and Gaza, the U.S. military has begun destroying the homes of
suspected guerrilla fighters in Iraq's Sunni Triangle, evacuating women
and children, then leveling their houses with heavy weaponry.

At least 15 homes have been destroyed in Tikrit as part of what has been
dubbed Operation Ivy Cyclone Two, including four leveled on Sunday by
tanks and Apache helicopters that allegedly belonged to suspects in the
Nov. 7 downing of a Black Hawk helicopter that killed six Americans.

Family members at one of the houses, in the village of al Haweda, said
they were given five minutes to evacuate before soldiers opened fire.


"This is something Sharon would do," said 41-year-old farmer Jamel
Shahab, referring to the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon. "What's
happening in Iraq is just like Palestine."

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