Predicatable sniping from the sidelines...

David Amis daveamis at
Tue Nov 18 14:27:49 MST 2003

In the build up to the demonstrations against the
state visit of President bush to the UK, there is
the inevitable and all too predicatable sniping from
the sidelines at the motives of the demonstrators
from Spiked Online.

"Bush-bashing in the UK" by Brendan O'Neill

For those of you familiar with the kind of
criticisms levelled by Spiked, after the first
couple of paragraphs you will most likely get the
drift. The interesting thing is that all throughout
the build up to and the course of the latest bout in
the war on Iraq, Spiked made a lot of criticisms of
the anti-war movement but not once did they
articulate what they thought should be a clear
anti-war argument. Mind you, it wouldn't do the
blossoming media and consultancy careers of Spiked's
associates any good by getting involved in the messy
business of articulating a clear anti-war message.

The anti-war movement in the UK is a very diverse
collection of groups and individuals with often
differing motives as to why they oppose the
conflict. So the lack of a clear coherrent message
is probably to be expected and yes, some criticism
of the anti-war movement is justified...if those
making the criticism are prepared to argue their
case for the criticism and forward an effective
anti-war and anti-imperialist message.

Oh how times (and people) have changed. Spiked's
predecessors in the old RCP did make some effective
interventions in the anti-imperialist movement in
the build up to the first bout of the conflict in
1990/91. This time around it's almost as if the
latest bout is an inconvenience to them...

Dave A

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