Blair's foreign policy has two pillars, but Bush's foreign policy has three pillars

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Wed Nov 19 07:35:41 MST 2003

Mr Bush's address to the Banqueting House in Whitehall cites
"multilateralism" as one of the three pillars of a more secure world. For
Washington hawks, multilateralism is a bogey word, but they will note that
Mr Bush will preface it with "effective". The second pillar is more in tune
with recent Bush Administration foreign policy, arguing that "there are
times when countries must use force to defend peace and to defend values".
The third pillar is the spread of democracy, broadly reflecting the view of
the hawkish neo-conservatives in Washington. But a senior Administration
official said Mr Bush would not explicitly cite the promotion of democracy
as a ground for going to war. It could not simply be imposed "from the
outside, or out of the barrel of a gun". "He will just note that there are
times when it is necessary, when other means have not brought results," the
official said. "And I think that obviously this is not a tool that one uses



The United States military plans this week to conduct its final
developmental test on the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, a
weapon so big it is dubbed the "mother of all bombs," (...) The Air Force
plans to detonate a 9800kg satellite-guided GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air
Blast Bomb, or MOAB, on Thursday at Eglin Air Force Base in the panhandle of
northwestern Florida, said Jake Swinson, a spokesman for the Air Armament
Centre at the base. The huge conventional bomb will be dropped from an
MC-130 Combat Talon cargo plane onto a test range at the base, Swinson said.
"This is the last development test," Swinson said, noting that the massive
bomb will then become available for use as US military commanders deem
appropriate. Swinson said the bomb had undergone "a few minor
modifications". The MOAB has had just one previous live test when it was
detonated at the same base on March 11, the week before the US-led invasion
of Iraq, producing a large, mushroom-like cloud. There were two previous
inert tests of the bomb, Swinson said. The MOAB spreads a flammable mist
over the target, then ignites it, producing a highly destructive blast. The
Air Force has created it as a successor to the 6800kg BLU-82 "Daisy Cutter,"
with some inside the military dubbing the MOAB the "mother of all bombs."

The "Daisy Cutter" was originally designed to clear helicopter landing zones
in Vietnam. It was used in an bid to clear mines and for psychological
effect against Iraqi forces during the Gulf War in 1992, and used in 2001 in
Afghanistan on tunnels thought to be the hide-outs of al Qaeda figures.
Swinson said the latest test had been scheduled for Tuesday, but was
postponed until Thursday because of poor weather conditions.


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