Sugar Daddies to Dictators (WSJ)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Nov 19 12:15:57 MST 2003

That article is belligerent, arrogant, and stupid.  Unless it is a
satire!  If I chose to read it that way, it would be amusing.  But I
have no precident in the WSJ.

Mike Gonzalez announces: “President George W. Bush enunciates a clear,
idealistic and long-term policy of expanding freedom around the world.”
En realité? That quote about the prez perplexes me.  Buttering-up his
champion in the WSJ, it’s obvious Mike Gonzalez knows where his butter
comes from.  It’s good  to be king, thinks the psychofant, and “I’m the
pal of the biggest king in the whole wide world, Ain’t dat right, boss?
Ain’t I, boss?”

France is an enemy, but pretends to be a friend?
Basically, for Gonzalez and the gang, anyone who doesn’t do what they
want is an enemy.
What ever.
What hogwash.

"Notorious rogue states"?  Read William Blum’s “Rogue State: A Guide to
the World's Only Superpower.”
An abstract/synopsis is available at:
Please don't mistake me for a fan of French imperialism (Vietnam,
Algeria, etc.), but after reading Bill Blum, Mike Gonzalez’s title:
"Sugar Daddies to Dictators" could be a more suitable designation of the
US Presidents of the 20th century.

Mike Gonzalez’s description of Madrid's new think tank as “hard-hitting”
reminds me of how his newspaper, and other capitalist organs, use
adjectives such as hard-hitting, uncompromising, relentless,
swashbuckling, etc., as complimentary when describing capitalists, but
as negative when pillorying perceived opponents of the USA.
Double-think, cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy –it’s all good, dude— just
dietary supplements for those with appetites for success.

Agence France-Presse wants news from a "non-Anglo-Saxon perspective"?
So do I!  Such inputs from more than one point of view are categorically
required to provide PERSPECTIVE (look it up).

French films are soporific?  Some are terrific.
You’ve got to be a knucklehead not to love Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie
Poulin.  If you want a rare, imaginative, nice, warm flick see the movie
marketed in the USA as “Amélie” (you may have to get past the repellant
publicity for it, which kept me away for many months).  But if you
require a high rate of explosions-per-minute, and here I will defer to
Mike Gonzalez, it may not keep you awake.  Unfortunately for the world
that Hollywood rules, such dangerous somnolessence also heads US world

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