Right wing welfare policies don't work

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Wed Nov 19 18:38:35 MST 2003

>From Murdoch's paper "The Austrralian"
Exposed: failings of work for dole
By Elizabeth Colman and Michael McKinnon
November 20, 2003

People on the dole are less likely to get a job and will stay longer on
unemployment benefits if forced to join John Howard's work-for-the-dole
programs, government documents reveal.

The Howard Government has consistently claimed work-for-the-dole helps
jobseekers, but its own research shows the policy has "large significant
adverse effects" in shifting people off benefits. The research, completed
in June and obtained by The Australian using Freedom of Information laws,
reveals people on work-for-the-dole programs are worse off because of the
stigma associated with the program and the shorter time they have to hunt
for real jobs.

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