Angola's Ambassador to Cuba invites Cuban aid

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(Angola's not the only country on earth
seeking foreign aid from Cuba. The Cuban
international medial aid program has put
the island's accomplishments out on the
world stage and won applause from every
corner of the globe, at least where the
ultra-rightist Cuban reactionaries and
their kith and kin aren't influential.

(In Venezuela, in South Africa and many
other countries, Cuban doctors go where
higher-paid doctors who prefer taking
the Hypocritic to the Hippocratic oath
choose not to go.

(Cuba's strength in the battle of ideas
derives in large part from the economic
selflessness of such activities as the
medical aid and med school training it
provides for students from everywhere
at no charge to students or to their
home countries. Naturally the island
derives a lot of good will from that.

(The praise is deserved, yet recalling
the harsh propaganda to which Cuba is
subjected, this call from Angola for
Cuban "entrepreneurs" to invest in the
rebuilding of an African country is a
striking example of what all countries
could do, if only they set their minds
and state policies to doing so. Unlike
Washington, Cuba doesn't make demands
that the countries it assists follow
the Cuban model. Cuba's model is one
which is available for study by all
who want to take a fair look at it.)

Ambassador to Cuba Calls On International
Aid for Country's Rebuilding

Angola Press Agency (Luanda)
November 18, 2003
Posted to the web November 18, 2003

The Angolan Ambassador to Cuba, Antonio de Condesse de
Carvalho "Toka", in Havana, recently has invited foreign
investors to join the Angolan Government's efforts towards
the country's reconstruction.

The diplomat was speaking at Santiago de Cuba province, in
an act that marked the 28th anniversary of Angola's
independence, marked on last Tuesday (November 11) and
highlighted that Angola is open to foreign investors who
want to help its economic reconstruction.

"I invite the Cuban businesspeople to set up partnerships
with their Angolan counterparts in various domains", he

The diplomat added that Angola is living a new era in its
history, realising that the Angolan people live now the
satisfaction and happiness similar to that one lived during
the proclamation of the independence, on November 11, 1975.

The Ambassador defended a better cohesion and unity among
the Angolans so that "together we can contribute for
peace's consolidation and Angola's development".

Antonio Condesse de Carvalho seized the occasion to call on
the young people who had the opportunity to move to Cuba,
in the framework of staff training, granted by the Angolan
Government, to engage themselves more and more in the
studies, so that at the end of their course they can be
ready to return to the country and contribute for Angola's

He reminded that there are yet so many difficulties to
surpass, mainly in the social domain, so that the Angolan
people can live better days.

In his view, the effective and full extension of state
administration enable the urgent creation of conditions to
resettle over four million people, about 90,000 former
soldiers of UNITA and 250,000 their dependents, more than
100,000 handicapped people and dozens of orphans plus
destituted children.

At the international arena, he said that the assumption of
Angola, earlier this month, to the Presidency of the UN
Security Council (UNSC) represents a moment of great
responsibility for the unequivocal contribution in the
resolution of conflicts in the world.

The Ambassador reiterated that the Angolan Government wants
to strengthen the cooperaton ties with the Latin-America

During his stay in the province of Santiago de Cuba, the
diplomat held contacts with the local authorities and
offered a monograph on Angola called "The Future starts
now" and visited several historical sites.

He also talked with the Deans of several universities
attended by many Angolans and received explanations on
their academic successes.

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