Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 20 00:48:44 MST 2003

Somewhere in my files I have interviews with German veterans who spoke
of why they joined the early National Socialist German Workers Party.
Many were working class.  Most seemed  swayed by the quasi-red rhetoric,
but it was a socialism unlike the Communists many of them fought against
on the Eastern Front: it was socialism for Germans.  You get your own
socialism.  And some of those fighters were part of the Freikorps, whose
battle standard was the swastika.  NAZI appropriation of the swastika as
its official emblem brought in some members of the Freikorps, and those
who liked the Freikorps' ruthless, murderous efficiency of violence
(used to suppress postwar uprisings such as the Spartacists).

Keep in mind that Mussolini was a syndicalist before the war.

A hazy pattern seems to be emerging, but it is indistinct.

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