Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Thu Nov 20 04:30:39 MST 2003

> On the Leftist Trainspotters list there is a participant by a young
> from Puerto Rico who is probably the best read on this subject than anyone
> known. His name is Carlos, aka "sks". Ask him for sources and/or scan this
> Yahoo list for "fascism" and see what comes up...it is very interesting.

OK, I did not scan the archive but I looked at the last messages and here is
what David's expert had to say:

"I have heard little of KAPDers joining up with the nazis, as a matter of
fact, I havent heard any primary source stating so."
(needs registration)

So even if there are people who do not agree with you about Kronstadt, they
are not neccessarily Nazis.

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