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> Dear James Daly,
> Firstly, thank you for signing up to this Virtual March - the
biggest online event of its kind in Britain, ever. You are one of at
least 20,000 people who will be bombarding the US Embassy on 'VM DAY'
with messages for George Bush.
> When should I take action?
> In order to spread the impact throughout the day I am asking you to
join with the group of people who are 'marching' on the US Embassy
between 2pm and 6pm. However, you are welcome to continue 'marching'
on the Embassy throughout the day.
> How You Can 'Virtually March' on the US Embassy
> 1. Phone the US Embassy on [+44] 020-7499-9000 or [+44]
> Please wait for the 5 options to be read out after whcih you will be
connected to an operator.
> 2. Fax the US Embassy on [+44] 020-7491-2485, [+44] 020-7894-0699,
[+44] 020-7629-8288 or [+44] 020-7514-4634
> 2. Send the US Embassy an email at presslon at pd.state.gov or at
odclondon at state.gov
> Please try and get your message through to the US Embassy using at
least two different methods of contact - and keep trying until you get
> What can you say in your message?
> We have prepared some text which you might like to use in your email
or fax.
> However, your own words are always more powerful.
> President George W. Bush
> c/o The US Embassy
> London
> Dear Mr. President
> You could be mistaken for believing that you are welcome here. But
if you care to look out of the window for a moment, towards the angry
protesters gathered all around, you will quickly realise the truth:
Tony Blair does not speak for millions of British people like me.
> Those of us protesting are not extremists. We are managers,
builders, artists and stockbrokers - people from every walk of life
who have one thing in common.
> We are unhappy because we know the truth about you: we know that you
cynically manipulated both your nation and ours into fighting a
tragic, and dishonest war. This is a war that has cost the lives of
thousands, left a country in chaos and fanned flames of hatred that
will surely rage for years.
> This war was justified on the basis of a whole series of false
claims. For instance, you told us that Iraq possessed weapons of mass
destruction that posed a clear and present danger to the west. It will
have come as little surprise to you that no such weapons have been
found. After all, both Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice stated more
than two years before the war that Saddam was no threat, with Rice
remarking: 'We are able to keep his arms from him. His militar y
forces have not been rebuilt.'
> These are just a few examples of the distortions that led us into
war. That is why I and many millions of other British people are
strongly opposed to your visit - and why we will not rest until those
in Britain who played a part in involving this country are called to
> Yours sincerely,
> [put your name here]
> You can download a copy of this text in the form of a letter / or
email or fax.
> If and when you phone you can use the above text to help if you
need - or just your own words.
> The time to act is NOW. Britain is paying an enormous price for Tony
Blair's unquestioned allegiance to George Bush.
> Together President Bush and Tony Blair are making new enemies around
the world. Their actions are encouraging the growth of extremist
fundamentalist action. Theirs is a war that has cost the lives of
thousands, left a country in chaos and fanned flames of hatred that
will surely rage for years. Under these circumstances it is only right
that we show George Bush how strongly we feel.
> Thank you,
> Gerard Rosenberg
> on behalf of OWOS

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