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Subject: George Bush, War Criminal

> President George W. Bush
> c/o The US Embassy
> London
> Mr. President
> Nuremberg defined attack on a non-aggressing nation as the greatest
> war crime and the source of war crimes. You are by that definition a
> war criminal.
> You have done to the United Nations what Fascist Italy, the Empire
> Japan, and the Third Reich, which your family supported, did to the
> League of Nations. Worse, you have lied outrageously to the people
> the world in saying that what you did was in support of the United
> Nations. Your lies are so blatant and transparent that they clearly
> express absolute contempt for humanity.
> Calling invasion for oil "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is worthy of
> Orwell's 1984.
> Your deranged think-tanks are telling you that Might is Right, and
> defend your Anti-Civil Rights Orwellianly named "Patriot Acts" as
> defence against weapons of mass destruction.
> The human race has reached a low point from which it may never
> recover.
> Dr James Daly

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