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Joh., thanks for your responses, I post below some of the responses to the same 
inquery on Trainspotters below. My own sourse are from memory, faulty it seems, 
like books "The Third Int'l in the Era of Lenin", Harmen, etc. But, 
nevertheless, here are the responses and some more sources listed on this issue:

"Hi David

"The book by academic Phillipe Bourinnet seems to have a discription
of all the tendencies of the KAPD. One of which was a german
nationalist tendency. Some of whom might have fallen into the
clutches of Hitlerism.

"But because the KAPD was a small party which had virtually
disappeared by 1926. the leakage of its members to the Nazis was a
lot smaller than other left formations such as the KPD, KPD (o), SPD,
SAU etc.

"The following page has a searchable archive of KAPD, left communist,
council communist and (post) modernist material. Here you have a more
accessable form of Bourinnets book as well as some other texts which
might shed some light on your question.

"Simply Red"


"David the authorative source on the history of the KAPD is a book
published jointly by the International Communist Current and
Porcupine Press. The Dutch and German Communist Left by Philip
Bourrinet who left the ICC in 1990. Given the detailed references to
primary sources in this work and the sometimes pedantic tracing of
the political itineries of minuscule groups, very spotterly but poor
political history, the defection of leaders of the KAPD to the Nazis
would surely have been noted.

"In other words I think that there is no question that any leaders of
the KAPD became Nazis. However there was one tendency within the KAPD
which might be the root of this suggestion. When the KAPD split from
the KPD it was a heterogenous movement which included a number of
varied tendencies including a National Bolshevik tendency around
Laufenburg and Wolfheim in Hambnurg. This tendency never even made it
to the first Congress of the new party so they can hardly be regarded
as leaders of the KAPD in any meaningful sense.

"Bourrinet provides the following in his bibliography.
L.Deux: Strategie communiste et dynamique conservatrice. Lille 1976.
Fisrt chapter on L-W.
Karl Paetel: Versuchung oder Chance? Gottingen 1965.
Otto Ernest Schudekopf: National-Bolschewismus in Deutschland 1918-
1933. Berlin 1972.

"The L-W tendency published Kommunistische Arbeiter-Zeitung for the
KAPD and AAUD in Hamburg 1919-1920."

"from Mike..."

David Walters

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