Noam Chomsky

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Nov 20 11:48:26 MST 2003

As I rounded the corner on 120 and B'way to go up to my office, who do I
spot getting out of cab but Noam Chomsky. He is giving a talk at
Columbia at 2pm. Derek S. of lefthook was fortunate enough to snag a
ticket and I hope that he might have a report.

Since he was beginning to show his age, I wasn't quite sure if it was
him. So I asked, "Noam Chomsky?"

After he replied yes, I said "give 'em hell" and walked over to shake
his hand.

I introduced myself as the former president of Tecnica--his daughter was
a volunteer in Nicaragua. When he asked how we were doing, I felt a
little worried since we had closed down shop long ago. Was he
"slipping"? After I told him that we had shut down long ago, without
missing a beat he told me that there was still a skeleton crew and he
should know since he sent them money. In other words, sharp as a tack.

I was reminded of the last time I saw Paul Sweezy at MR about 6 years
ago. Somebody had given a talk at a brown-bag on some aspect of the
black movement and Paul was anxious to find out whether the New Black
Panther Party had any connection with the old one. I hope those are the
sorts of questions I am preoccupied with when I hit 90.


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