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Thu Nov 20 12:02:09 MST 2003

Steven Matthews wrote:
> I get this kind of stuff from my relatives. I didn't think I'd be getting
> it from this list.
> Steven

Why is it that everytime somebody spots an "urban legend" on a listserv
they feel obligated to adopt such a superior tone. I myself once
inadvertently crossposed an "urban legend" and was browbeaten for my
sins. As far as this web site is concerned, it really has a dual
purpose. On one hand, it does correct relatively harmless beliefs such
as "Cats will suck the breath out of babies". On the other hand, it
seems to be rife with what can only be described as rightwing diatribes.
For example, if you go to the "soapbox" page at:

you will discover items that have no bearing to any kind of "urban
legend" but are simply ways to snare the unsuspecting reader into a
lecture from some scumbag. You can read an attack on "anti-Semitism"
(anti-Zionism really) from ex-Mayor of NYC Ed Koch. You can also an open
letter to the Dixie Chicks--guess what position it takes on the war on
terror. They are framed in terms of whether or not Ed Koch actually said
such things or not, as if this is relevant. These idiots should stick to
things like whether there are alligators in the NYC sewers that were
pets flushed down the toilet originally.


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