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> Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:46:03 -0500
> From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>
> Subject: The Nation Magazine and General Wesley Clark
> Since it is entirely possible that their favorite candidate Howard Dean
> might select this war criminal as his running mate, it appears necessary
> to give him some kind of kosher stamp of approval. That task was
> assigned to Frances Fitzgerald, a member of the editorial board, and
> author of "Fire in the Lake", a book about the Vietnam war that was
> highly regarded in the 1960s and which originally appeared in the New
> Yorker magazine. As with so many other institutions from that period, it
> has been subverted by a combination of big money and a reactionary
> zeitgeist. The New Yorker today finds arguments to support the war in
> Iraq and many other shitty things.

Firstly: there is no reason to think anything other than that Wesley Clark
will be the Democratic candidate in 2004.  He's so much stronger than Dean,
because he's clearly *stronger than W.* with military *and* bureaucratic
cred (hee hee.); he's not a war criminal (if you ask the Chinese, who did
not participate in the Yugoslavia US war crimes tribunal and who I suspect
feel sorry for us these days), and I'm sure he doesn't read the New Yorker
(too *gebildet*, really).  Is this a bad book?  The premise is brilliant,
and hegemony doesn't go away if you clap for the Wolf Man or find Jesus.  Is
Clark wise and mature?  Yes: he doesn't say either thing (Catholic, born
Jewish), although like Schroeder *he doesn't plan too far ahead*.

Is he pro-military?  He is pro-Army, which is different; he's really spent
his entire intellectual career (!) busting down RAND types, not people who'd
put our boys in harm's way.  Would he be good for the left?  He runs with a
bad crowd, and perhaps not only in the terms of the DLC: the "donnybrook"
created by Thatcher's brain-draining has not been good for American
intellectual life in general and the American left in particular (ask
Chomsky about that next time), and Clark was a Rhodes Scholar like Clinton
(unlike Clinton, he got his PPE - Politics, Philosophy, and Economics -
degree), and I don't know how distant he is from any of that (could be "a
little", could be a lot).

Jeff Rubard

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