Fichte, time warp, and the defeat of the working class by fascism in 1933

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# Subject: Fichte's national-intellectualism
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> Fichte was responsible for a lot of the tropes the Nazis played with 
> (though the fascination with Indian culture comes from Schopenhauer), 
> but Fichte was on a real trip most all of his life 

   and so on. 

   Well, Johann Gottlieb FICHTE was born in Rammenau (Oberlausitz) on
May 19, 1762 (according the Gregorian calendar), and died on January
29, 1814 in Berlin. 

   What does that guy have to do with fascism and with the ultraleft
within the working class movement? 

   Are we in a time warp? 

   Also, since we are at time warps, one should always be very
conscient about the turning point the victory of fascism over the
working class meant for everybody in Germany -- after the defeat, and
defeat is too weak a word, of the working class in 1933, which was
even not a defeat in battle, as the Spanish civil war had been, but a
defeat without a fight, lots of workers succumbed to the Nazis, which
had won, finally. This defeat was really a catastrophy. 

   It meant complete demoralization of millions, atomization of the
class into millions of individuals, instilling fear into everybody,
not just dissolving, but destroying every kind of independent
organization of the working class, not only of parties and trade
unions, but also of workers sports clubs, workers choirs, workers
hiking clubs, workers literature circles, workers this and workers
that. Everything. 

   But it is a complete different thing what happened before 1933. 

   So when somebody speaks about a worker succumbing to the fascist
movement, one has to be very clear about the period. 

   And, remember: the NSDAP was not founded in Napoleon's time, no. 

Lüko Willms
Frankfurt/Main, Germany 

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