New Jersey industry and Springsteen

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Nov 20 15:57:50 MST 2003

I am running an afternoon Continung Education - extra-mural Adult
Education - course tomorrow on Bruce Springsteen and the Decay of
American Capitalism.  For the general stuff on the US I am using Michael
  Yates' new book - thanks very much Mike for the copy you sent me
several months ago and which got buried under a load of stuff as I had
to move offices, so I can't recall if I thanked you properly - and also
Tom Kemp's 'Climax of capitalism' (although that only goes up to 1990),
plus official stats off the web re development of US economy, especially
post-WW2 stuff.

I have been doing searches on New Jersey and economy and Asbury Park and
economy (Bruce's hometown) but can't turn up anything.

Can anyone point me to any good sources of info re the industry in New
Jersey in the 20th century, and especially during the postwar boom and
the post-boom era of the past 30 years.

I don't need a load of info as I'm more interested in situating
Springsteen much more generally in the context of the US than
specifically a New Jersey context, but some New Jersey backgorund would
be very helpful.

Philip Ferguson

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