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> Subject: Re: Wesclark?  No.
> OpenSentence Type Foundry wrote:
>> Firstly: there is no reason to think anything other than that Wesley
>> Clark will be the Democratic candidate in 2004.  He's so much stronger
>> than Dean, because he's clearly *stronger than W.* with military *and*
>> bureaucratic cred (hee hee.); he's not a war criminal (if you ask the
>> Chinese, who did not participate in the Yugoslavia US war crimes
>> tribunal and who I suspect feel sorry for us these days), and I'm sure
>> he doesn't read the New Yorker (too *gebildet*, really).
> Jeff, are really pushing the boundaries of Marxmail here. He certainly
> is a war criminal. Using depleted uranium and cluster bombs is a war
> crime. Our technical coordinator Les Schaffer and Andy Coates were at a
> conference on depleted uranium shells in Albany today. Just ask them if
> this is a war crime or not.

Permission to use soldier's truth denied?  Don't push tweed-tone pap about
the military, it doesn't help working people *one bit*.  Don't care about
technicals, even good ones: I've heard all about depleted uranium, and I
feel bad for people who think (with some reason) that they've been harmed
but jeezus it's not landmined Cambodia.  Permission to ruminate upon jaded
opinion granted.

>> Is this a bad
>> book?  The premise is brilliant, and hegemony doesn't go away if you
>> clap for the Wolf Man or find Jesus.  Is Clark wise and mature?  Yes: he
>> doesn't say either thing (Catholic, born Jewish), although like
>> Schroeder *he doesn't plan too far ahead*.
> Hegemony doesn't go away if you clap for the Wolf Man or find Jesus? No,
> but it certainly requires class struggle. Clark speaks for the enemy
> class. Let me repeat this with emphasis. THE ENEMY CLASS.

Mr. Proyect, do you make more money than the American median as a
(presumably longtime) employee a university?  Sure, they all do.  "And
nothing less for you", but please do not price someone frankly much more
radical than you and certainly far more immiserated than you out of the
market of American life (P,S. I saw Courtney Taylor-Taylor today, and he
motioned for me to give him a kiss, so I'm almost sure he wouldn't mind

>> Is he pro-military?  He is pro-Army, which is different; he's really
>> spent his entire intellectual career (!) busting down RAND types, not
>> people who'd put our boys in harm's way.  Would he be good for the
>> left?
> We have our own ideas about army veterans getting involved in politics.
> It can be reduced to the words Stan Goff.
That's much shorter than "Joseph Weydemeyer", so hey, it might be more
effective.  Only important to remember Joseph Weydemeyer was actually pretty
happy about having been involved with the US Army, a theoretical weakness
tolerated by some of his buds.

Jeff Rubard

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