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> Subject: Fichte, time warp, and the defeat of the working class by fascism in 1933
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> # Subject: Fichte's national-intellectualism
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>> Fichte was responsible for a lot of the tropes the Nazis played with
>> (though the fascination with Indian culture comes from Schopenhauer),
>> but Fichte was on a real trip most all of his life
>    and so on.
>    Well, Johann Gottlieb FICHTE was born in Rammenau (Oberlausitz) on
> May 19, 1762 (according the Gregorian calendar), and died on January
> 29, 1814 in Berlin.
>    What does that guy have to do with fascism and with the ultraleft
> within the working class movement?

That's a pretty standard Frankfurt dealie, much of *Dialectic of
Enlightenment* is given over to arguing that pre-Hegelian Idealism was the
real philosophy of fascism.

>    Are we in a time warp?

In what may be a more interesting comment today, I think the answer may
always be in a fairly precise sense "yes".

>    And, remember: the NSDAP was not founded in Napoleon's time, no.

Right, but the non-monarchist "German national movement" was really founded
in that time and intellectually vouchsafed by Fichte, so it's a relevant
precursor (with more than a couple sides).

Jeff Rubard

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