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OK, but it seems a bit paranoid to assume that making
a mistake about one (not that large or well known)
group in one country implies that I hold a
Lenin-as-god world view that dismisses all political
tendencies outside of the third international.  

I never accused the IWW or Musteites or of having
tendencies that led certain leaders to gravitate far
to the right, or the French syndicalists opperating
during the same period as the KAPD.

Although, I agree, a lot of revolutionary history
passed down through the years can be pretty formulaic
and silly, although I think I would call that simple



My remarks concerning the distortions of revolutionary
history were not directed at you personally. Rather i
indulged in a bit of a rant. Though its not
sectarianism as such that i find a problem with in the
left's understanding of history but its failure to see
historical development as contradictory. Therefore so
much revolutionary history is abstract and not at all
Marxist. Thus much of what passes for Bolshevik
history writing and by derivation the historys of the
various left groups is actually based on a
Zinoivievite conception of what Bolshevism was (or
should have been) and adds further layers of
distortion to the always present tendency to write
history as a non-contradictory process of linear
development. Theres a flash philosophical word for
what i'm getting at but yesterdays demo leaves me
stupid I find.


Mike Pearn

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