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Cautious Optimism for Anti-Occupation (Not Win-the-Occupation) Movement
| Derrik O'Keefe

...October 25 was the largest international mobilization against the
occupation of Iraq since last April, and -at least from the view north
of the 49th parallel -the unity in action achieved between the United
for Peace and Justice and the International ANSWER coalitions appears
significant. The participation of GIs and their families is also a major
development, coming as it does amidst growing reports of demoralization
in the ranks of U.S. occupation forces. The slogan "Bring The Troops
Home" is beginning to resonate at some level within the economic
conscript army, the GIs and their families. This unity and GI
participation bode well for the size of future actions, such as the
March 20, 2004 demonstration that will mark one year since the bombing
of Iraq began. (Read full)

Noam Chomsky at Columbia: After the War | Derek Seidman

I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to see Noam Chomsky speak yesterday
at Columbia University's Miller Theatre. The tickets were sold out over
a week ago, and it was only by persistently haggling the event's
organizer that I was able to secure a spot. It was well worth the
effort, as Chomsky was nothing short of brilliant. The event was
dedicated to the late Edward Said, a tireless anti-imperialist and
fighter for Palestinian justice, and a close friend of Chomsky's. (Read

The Awakening of California Immigrant Labor | Javier Armas

The Democrats and Republicans have been using California immigrants a
pawn in their political game. Democrats Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante
both voted down a bill to give immigrants their California driver's
license. But, feeling the pressure from the Republicans in the recall,
they did a 180-degree turn and voted for the bill, which passed. While
the myth is that the Republicans are protecting the poor whites against
these parasitic immigrants whom the Democrats are allied with, this is
just a classic case of good cop, bad cop. (Read full article)

Happy Holidays | Morgan Southwood

The Holiday season is almost upon us again, friends and neighbors. For
the last four or five years now I've wished that I had the money to
spend it in a totally non-Christian country, like Nepal, but since I'm
stuck here I'm forced to be a grudging participant in the Christmas
season consumer frenzy. Last year I boogied on over to the mall to pick
out a toy for some unprivileged (what a euphemism, huh?) kid. My Mom's
workplace sponsors a family from the battered women's shelter and I
wanted to help out a bit. (Read full article)

Iraq's Spears | A Poem By M. Junaid Alam

Behold, the army of (shock and) awe!
Spears, swords, canons, cavalry
tipped, tainted, powdered, and pruned
in the arrogance of empire
(Read full poem)

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