Wesley Clark: Friend or Foe?

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> Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:32:20 -0500
> From: Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>
> Subject: Re: Am I pushing the extreme?  Been done, I guess
> Jeff Ruland:

Oh, is making fun of "weird" names acceptable in enlightened Eastern society

>>Permission to use soldier's truth denied?  Don't push tweed-tone pap about
>>the military, it doesn't help working people *one bit*.  Don't care about
>>technicals, even good ones: I've heard all about depleted uranium, and I
>>feel bad for people who think (with some reason) that they've been harmed
>>but jeezus it's not landmined Cambodia.  Permission to ruminate upon jaded
>>opinion granted.
> What kind of casuistry is this? Depleted uranium shells can cause cancer.
> That will kill you just as much as stepping on a land-mine.

Frankly, military fatigues probably give you cancer; war is about death, and
death on the cheap in all kinds of ways.  I'm not sure depleted uranium's
the greatest environmental-exposure risk you can face, because I doubt it
very much.

>>Mr. Proyect, do you make more money than the American median as a
>>(presumably longtime) employee a university?  Sure, they all do.  "And
>>nothing less for you", but please do not price someone frankly much more
>>radical than you and certainly far more immiserated than you out of the
>>market of American life (P,S. I saw Courtney Taylor-Taylor today, and he
>>motioned for me to give him a kiss, so I'm almost sure he wouldn't mind that.)
> I wasn't talking about you when I referred to the enemy class. I was
> referring to Wesley Clark.

I'm pointing out that such distinctions are a little arbitrary (everything
he got, he had to pay for it on time -- "free" West Point, "free" Rhodes,
etc.)  And furthermore "enemy" is a term with non-Marxist political valences
(which see: Carl Schmitt).

>>That's much shorter than "Joseph Weydemeyer", so hey, it might be more
>>effective.  Only important to remember Joseph Weydemeyer was actually
>>pretty happy about having been involved with the US Army, a theoretical
>>weakness tolerated by some of his buds.
> Karl Marx supported the North during the Civil War. Many of his followers
> fought bravely for the North. What this has to do with NATO's criminal war
> in the Balkans is beyond me.
Yes, but Mr. Project the North==the US.  It's the same organization; maybe
it took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, but it was defending the US
government's fundamental interests back then too.  That's the point, you
don't have to be too pleased with the NATO intervention (the Yugoslavs, and
that's right, that I've known weren't *too* displeased with it but like you
they were very concerned about depleted uranium).  You've got to pick *your*
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