Wesley Clark: Friend or Foe?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Nov 21 11:00:13 MST 2003

Jeff Ruland:
>Frankly, military fatigues probably give you cancer; war is about death,
>and death on the cheap in all kinds of ways.  I'm not sure depleted
>uranium's the greatest environmental-exposure risk you can face, because I
>doubt it very much.

Jeff, it is urgent that certain kinds of weapons be permanently banned:
cluster bombs, DU shells, nuclear weapons, chemical and bacterial agents
are at the top of the list. To even entertain the possibility of a
Democratic Party candidate with not only DU shells on his record, but
attacks on civilian infrastructure including water plants, is a sign of how
much this party has shifted to the right. That the Nation Magazine, which
hires a number of people with Marxish pretensions, can shill for this war
criminal is a sign of how corrupt the soft left has become.

>I'm pointing out that such distinctions are a little arbitrary (everything
>he got, he had to pay for it on time -- "free" West Point, "free" Rhodes,
>etc.)  And furthermore "enemy" is a term with non-Marxist political
>valences (which see: Carl Schmitt).

These distinctions are not arbitrary at all. Society is divided into two
classes. Although Clark himself is not a member of the big bourgeoisie, he
aspires to manage their affairs. It does not matter that he arrived to this
position like a character in a Horatio Alger story.

>Yes, but Mr. Project the North==the US.  It's the same organization; maybe
>it took a wrong turn at Albuquerque, but it was defending the US
>government's fundamental interests back then too.  That's the point, you
>don't have to be too pleased with the NATO intervention (the Yugoslavs,
>and that's right, that I've known weren't *too* displeased with it but
>like you they were very concerned about depleted uranium).  You've got to
>pick *your* battles.

Well, fighting to abolish slavery seemed like a battle worth joining.
Turning Yugoslavia into a maquiladora zone does not.

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