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> Bolívar (once more, Bolívar!) penned it superbly: "We are neither 
> Indians nor Spanish. We in America are a small humankind". 
> In my own conception, "Iberian" includes "mestizo/indigenous" (among 
> these, I also include the "mestizo/indigenous" areas of the Caribbean 
> from Haiti to Curação, from Guyana to Jamaica), welds all these 
> components together and pits them against imperialism. 
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
> nestorgoro at


Indeed this (a generalization of the Mexican *raza* in its original 
political intent) is a valuable point (one I have spoken on before in other 
fora); but by the same token you need to realize that *estadouidenses* 
really are very disjointed, jointly and severally, and propping them up as 
the epitome of imperialism does a lot of injustice to the reality of life in 
the United States.  If it does not do injustice to the reality of the US 
government's effects on the world political climate (which I am not sure 
*you in particular* are in the best position to judge), this itself is cause 
for critical thought, rather than sole-searching. 

Jeff Rubard 

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