The Civil War's Last Campaign

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*****   The Civil War’s Last Campaign:
James B. Weaver, the Greenback-Labor Party, and the Politics of Race and
by Mark A. Lause, University of Cincinnati

In the presidential election of 1880, Gen. James Baird Weaver made his
case for the meaning of their victory in Civil War. Aside from the
earlier Republicans, his Greenback-Labor Party represented
proportionately the largest third party movement in American history,
but its national standing required a vigorous national campaign for the
White House. When nominated, he became the first candidate in American
history to campaign actively on his own behalf.

The campaign briefly united the efforts of thousands of farmers,
workers, women, and African-Americans protesting their betrayal by the
Republicans who had ended Reconstruction. Insurgents included moderate
liberals disgusted by the corruption of the two-party system, militant
socialists, advocates of environmental awareness, vegetarians and
spritualists. The 1880 GLP campaign included abolitionists, socialists,
land reformers, suffragists and others along with many later active as
Populists, Progressives, Nationalists, Social Democrats, anarchists,
etc. whose work continued well into the twentieth century.

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