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I am not amazed that Paul finds my statement "peculiar". It was
intended to sound "peculiar", in fact.

If by a country we understand a "nation-state", then none of Paul's
examples fits the rule.

At most, the indigenous empires in South America resembled the
ancient empires of the Fertile Crescent, or Egypt.

The Inca people, in particular, were a kinship group which overswam a
host of diverse kinship groups, and in fact the first things the
Spanish intruders did was to substitute themselves for the Incas over
the remaining peoples. There was nothing of what constitutes a
unified state (except for sheer force: there is a place in Argentina,
which carries the name "Uspallata", which in Quechua means "the place
where we massacred them", and this refers to the local population who
were not subservient to the desires of the Inca rulers; massive
deportations and other similar measures were quite usual with the

Much to the contrary to what Paul believes, I am not ethnocentric at
all. What I am saying is that whatever all those indigenous cultures
and states had of value (and indeed there were lots of things that
they _had_) has been introduced into the general Creole, mixed blood
and mixed mind, framework of Latin American culture.  The kernel to
this culture is Iberian for many reasons.

Our future does not lie in a recreation of the old "nations" which
were not nations at all. Our future lies in the _creation_ of a great
nation out of the many and variegated threads that constitute the
intrincate cloth of Latin American constituency.

Not only I am not ethnocentric, I am all for mixture, for mixed
marriage, for black and white not only living together but loving
each other, fertilizing each other and generating a new humankind.

It is difficult to define the above as ethnocentric, unless you are
looking on history with AustroMarxist googles.


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