Lee Harvey Oswald

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Sat Nov 22 07:47:09 MST 2003

It is getting hot and wet in Buenos Aires. We have been announced a
high of 90 Fahrenheit (as to the conversion: don't mention it, a
courtesy from the Lowlands) for this Sat, and probably higher for
tomorrow Sun.

So that walking on thin ice may prove healthy.

This I will do now.

At last, I must say, I understand why Louis Proyect is so seriously
attached to the "no conspirators" thesis that most people outside US
tend to deride with a smile.  Good reasons he has, and I will by no
means discuss them.

But, at the same time, I add that while it seems to him that a
blasting in Istanbul is perfectly acceptable from the point of view
of the American military-industrial-INTELLIGENCE complex (capitals
jsut for stressing the addition), e.g., the current core of the
American bourgeoisie, he tries to avoid any hint that the same thing
can happen within the United States.

Frankly, I would believe that things run the other way round. Not
only it would not be the first time that the American bourgeoisie
kills Americans or threatens their lives in order to trigger some
"splendid war" (two immediate precedents come to mind: the Pearl
Harbor attack and the blasting of the Maine). I also cling to the
stubborn idea that foreign policies are a continuation of domestic
policies. You cannot become a serious imperialist country unless you
establish some degree of (at least ideological, at worst physical)
terror over your own ruling class, which is one of the roles of the
imperialist State since it was first conceived. In the case of the
US, and as seen from afar, there seems to be a direct link, for
example, between the "defeat" of McCarthy's Committee and JFK's

Ever since that murder, "liberals" were always on the defensive. They
were put in place. And this is no little support for a war which, in
the brain of the ruling classes of the time, was a decissive trench
against socialism.

The above said, and approaching the center of the frozen pond at
breackneck speed, I would also add that whatever one may think about
the reasons behind it (this debate I simply want to avoid because I
am not in a position to take it up seriously), the 9-11 attack
enjoyed, at the very least, a strange state of slumber from the
aircraft defence forces in a good deal of the US North East. If one
considers that shortly before this happened, a patrol had been
immediately sent to discover what the hell was happening with that
Lear Jet that had gone astray in Southern USA (crew and passengers
were dead, and the plane was flying automatic), the idea that a group
of madmen crashed the planes against the Twin Towers cannot but sound
more fantastic than the idea that there was some degree of conspiracy
to send the American people to a war which -again- is observed by the
powers-that-be (and this time, most reasonably taking into account
the prospects of scarcity for oil) as a strategical one.

Well, that's all for the day, while I plunge in the frozen waters of
the pond and wait for Lou Proyect's reply.

El Viernes 21 de Noviembre de 2003 a las 12:09,
Louis Proyect dijo sobre Lee Harvey Oswald que:

> Last night PBS Frontline aired a fascinating documentary on "Who Was Lee
> Harvey Oswald?" (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/oswald/).
> This show would have had a special reson

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